Cinematography CV

Bill Moldt – Los Angeles


Time Traveling Through Time (Sci-Fi /4K Sony) D: Ryan Ward
Lonestar (Drama / 4K RED) D: Michael Louis
Sweet Mercy (Drama / 4K RED) D: Michele Atkins
Obscure Sorrows w/ Definitions (Drama / 2K B.Magic) D: Kyle Klubal
Graft (Drama / 2K RED) D: Steven Schwartz
Voskhod (Drama / HD Sony) D: Ivan Stepanov
Off Day (Adventure / HD Canon) D: Kelly McCrillis
Mr. Right (Comedy / HD Canon) D: Ryan Graves
Drone9 (Scifi / HD Canon) D: Byron Diffenderffer
On The Same Page (Comedy / HD Canon) D: Kelly McCrillis
Root of All Evil (Comedy / HD Canon) D: Kelly McCrillis


The Stalking Fields (Gaffer / Feature) DP: Nicholas Acosta
Gritty & Pretty – Pilot (Gaffer / Episodic) DP: Nicholas Acosta
Half-Cocked (Gaffer / Short) DP: Sophia Cacciola
The Sound Of It (Gaffer / Short) DP: Robert Rodriguez
But Mom It’s The End Of The World (Gaffer / Short) DP: Josh Jason
Berlin (Gaffer / Short) DP: Josh Jason
Merde (Gaffer / Short) DP: Paul Zurcher
Maneaters (Gaffer / Short) DP: Paul Zurcher
“Faith” by Snow Tha Product (DIT – Editor / Music Video) DP: Jeff Reyes
Sunshine Robbers (DIT / Feature) DP: Joshua Lehnerd
Home Invasion (DIT – Loader / Feature) DP: Toby Gorman
A Full Circle Movement #2 (DIT / Short) DP: Robert Riendeau
The Call (Key Grip / Short) DP: Ivan Stepanov

Vancouver Film School – Cinematography & Directing focus
FAA Certified Drone Pilot (Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate)
Bachelors in Computer Science at SUNY Oswego